New books, DVDs, serials and free publications


We have many new items in the resource centres downtown and at Macdonald campus. Without further ado:

The latest issues of the following serials are now available:

Under the Documents tab on myFuture:

  • Artsboard – jobs in the arts and theatre
  • Canada Employment Weekly
  • Chronicle of Higher Education (digital edition) - jobs in academia
  • Current Jobs in Liberal Arts
  • International Career Employment Weekly
  • The International Educator - includes articles and job postings

On-site consultation at the Brown resource centre:

  • Jobs Jobs Jobs - jobs across Canada and abroad
  • Perspectives on Labour and Income - labour market reports from Statistics Canada
  • Qui Fait Quoi- communications and culture industries in Québec
  • University Affairs - jobs in academia
  • Verge- travel magazine

Music students: did you know that you have access to the Bridge, the New England Conservatory’s job site? Opportunities posted include grants and competitions, performance, teaching, and arts administration. caps.library [at] (E-mail me) for login information.

New free publications found on the shelves in the hallway and the cabinets as you enter the CaPS office in the Brown building:

  • Health Careers Magazine - Job Fair Edition 2009
  • Health Careers Magazine 2009
  • YES: Making Your Way (tips for entrepreneurs, artists and job seekers in Québec)

New books and DVDs

Brown building:

  • Adventures of Johnny Bunko
  • Camps Certifiés / Certified Camps 2009
  • Canadian Bioproducts from Renewable Resources 2009
  • Finding Flow: the Psychology of Engagement with Everyday Life
  • Giving Back While Going To Work (DVD)
  • Graduate Law Students' Career Guide 3rd ed. / Guide-Carrières des étudiants en droit aux cycles supérieurs 3ième éd.
  • List of IDRC/CRDI Awards
  • International Law Career Guide, 5th ed. / Guide-Carrières en droit international, 5ième éd.
  • Manual for Interviewers (MMI interviews)
  • The Monk and the Riddle
  • NACE Salary Survey, Spring 2009 - available In PDF On myFuture
  • Not For Sale!: Why We Need a New Job Search Mindset
  • Outliers: The Story of Success
  • Pocket Guide to Graduate School Admissions 2008-2009
  • Public Interest Career Guide, 6th ed. / Guide-Carrières: droit et intérêt public, 6ième éd.
  • Survival Kit for Overseas Living
  • Top Internship Programs (DVD)
  • Work 101: Learning the Ropes
  • The Zen of Law Librarian Job Interviews: How to Interview for a Job and How to Interview the Job

Macdonald campus:

  • Best 168 Medical Schools 2009
  • Best 296 Business Schools 2009
  • Best 174 Law Schools 2009
  • Canadian Bioproducts from Renewable Resources 2009
  • Career Development in Bioengineering and Biotechnology
  • Careers in Food Science: From Undergraduate to Professional
  • Food Jobs: 150 Great Jobs for Culinary Students, Career Changers and Food Lovers

For questions, more information or purchasing suggestions, visit us or e-mail caps.library [at]