myFuture/ ourCareerLink: new job search tool for Law students and grads


myFuture/ ourCareerLink, a new job search and career tool suite, is now available online to Faculty of Law students and recent alumni through the Career Development Office.

This system will provide users with a more efficient way to search for:

  • Articling positions and recruitment information
  • Full-time, part-time and summer jobs during one’s studies and after graduation

myFuture/ ourCareerLink users can:

  • View and apply on-line to jobs and articling positions
  • Upload documents such as cover letters, resumes, transcripts, etc.
  • View employer profiles
  • Register for events and workshops
  • View announcements and alerts

McGill Law alumni have access to myFuture/ ourCareerLink for up to three years after graduation. Older alums can still have access to it by paying a small fee each term.

See the CDO bulletin boards at the Faculty of Law (NCDH 4th floor & OCDH basement) for details on how to access myFuture/ ourCareerLink, or contact the Career Development Office.