Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Month

Published: 11 May 2015

More than 50 members of The Neuro's staff are conducting laboratory and clinical studies related to MS. They use the most advanced brain imaging technology and the latest cell biology tools to study the disease in all its aspects and at every stage.


Dr. Yves Lapierre is the Director of the MS Clinic. A neurologist, Dr. Lapierre undertakes clinical drug trials and designs programs that prescribe MS drugs in the most effective way to prevent relapses.

Dr. Paul Giacomini, Associate Director, MS Clinic is a neurologist with expertise in MS, neuro-inflammatory disorders, as well as advanced neuroimaging techniques. Dr. Giacomini is leading several clinical trials evaluating novel therapeutics in relapsing and progressive MS. He also directs research projects using novel PET and MRI imaging techniques to better identify mechanisms of disease modifying therapies. Dr. Giacomini is also very active in medical education, and is the director of the McGill MS fellowship program.

Dr. Amit Bar-Or, neurologist and immunologist, researches the properties of immune cells, stem cells and their interactions with nerve cells. He is scientific director of the Clinical Research Unit and directs The Neuro's Experimental Therapeutics Program, which translates basic science findings into the development of novel therapies for MS. Dr. Bar-Or is president of the Canadian Network of MS Clinics, a consortium of Canadian clinics for patients, clinical staff, physicians and researchers.

Dr. Jack Antel, neurologist, examines human nerve and immune cells to understand how their interactions contribute to MS. He studies the role of glial cells in the nervous system, as well as the variables that contribute to remyelination.

Dr. Alyson Fournier, neuroscientist, studies the nature of nerve cell injuries. She is looking for ways to repair nerve cells damaged by MS. 

Dr. Douglas Arnold, a neurologist with special expertise in MRI, uses advanced MRI techniques to better understand the effects of MS on the brain and how these are modified by new therapies.

Dr. Tim Kennedy, neuroscientist, investigates how myelin forms during neural development, and how it is maintained in the mature brain. His research aims to promote mechanisms that stimulate re-myelination.

Dr. Daria Trojan, Physiatrist, is evaluating the relationship of sleep abnormalities with fatigue and other clinical in multiple sclerosis patients. With Dr. John Kimoff, Sleep Specialist, she is conducting a randomized, controlled, clinical trial of treatment of obstructive sleep apnea-hypopnea in multiple sclerosis patients.  

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