MUHC redevelopment project gains international visibility in France


At the invitation of the City of Montreal, the MUHC and the CHUM joined a Montreal consortium that is attending MIPIM — the world's premier real estate summit bringing together developers and investors so that they can discover the latest trends and challenges of a rapidly expanding sector. Today, Yanaï Elbaz, Associate Director General, Redevelopment, Planning and Real Estate Management, and his counterpart at the CHUM, Sylvain Villiard, are in Cannes showcasing our hospital projects. Montreal Mayor Gérald Tremblay will lead in to the presentation by explaining the critical role of health care and life sciences in our city's economy. I invite you to read the consortium's press release, which is posted on our Web site. This invitation is a testament to the importance the City of Montreal places on our projects' success.

Read the full press release (in French only)