Mount Allison graduate wins translation prize at McGill


A bilingual linguist from New Brunswick, Patricia Hynes, was awarded the McGill Associates Prize in Translation (French to English) at the 2005 spring Convocation. This prize is awarded annually to the student with the best academic record over the entire Certificate in Translation program.

Ms. Hynes's love of the French language has been a constant throughout her academic career. The McGill Associates Prize is not her first academic distinction. In fact, Mount Allison University awarded Ms. Hynes the university's Bilingualism Award when she received her Bachelor of Arts with honours in French and German. Based on her mastery of French and her commitment to intercultural understanding, Ms. Hynes then became a Rotary International Fellow from New Brunswick and was able to continue her studies at the Université de Paris 3 Sorbonne Nouvelle, and earned a Licence in Applied Linguistics. After returning to Canada, Ms. Hynes put her knowledge to practical use by becoming a certified teacher of French as a second language, subsequently going on to do graduate work in applied linguistics.

Her knowledge of and facility in both of Canada's official languages logically pointed towards her career choice, which, according to Translation Studies director James Archibald, explains "Hynes's stellar performance in McGill's translation program."

Having taught for several years in the public school system, Ms. Hynes has since focused more on her writing and language skills, translating and preparing textbooks for young readers and elementary school children.

When not writing and translating, Ms. Hynes tries to find time for her hobbies, which, in addition to gardening and cooking, include, not surprisingly, running.

McGill University offers a Certificate and a Graduate Diploma in Translation, the combination of which gives access to the professional designation of "traducteur agréé" (certified translator) awarded by the Ordre des traducteurs, terminologues et interprètes agréés du Québec, the regulatory board for certified translators in Québec.

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