The Montreal Gazette: MCLL offers lifelong learning options


Published: 21Jul2015

Readers who enjoyed Donna Nebenzahl’s [Montreal Gazette] article “Finding happiness in retirement” (July 18, 2015) will be interested to hear that we have a marvellous opportunity for easily accessible lifelong learning at the McGill Community for Lifelong Learning (MCLL), on the corner of Sherbrooke and University Sts.

Peer learning study groups on a great variety of topics are led by keen and enthusiastic volunteer moderators. Membership is required, but the price is reasonable. People simply need to bring their curiosity and openness to new horizons and the zest will be generated.

Regeneration of the spirit can also be found in such MCLL programs as SPEAK, which partners members with students from other countries who are studying at McGill. This international and intergenerational exchange offers a rewarding experience. Lectures are also part of the programs for those interested in kindling the brain “flame.” Lifelong learning — for the joy of it — is at our fingertips by Googling MCLL.

Sharen McDonald, Pointe-Claire

Source: The Montreal Gazette

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