Montreal Gazette, et al. - $9 million supercomputer 'is just so cool'


Anything you can do, Guillimin can do better. Quebec's new $9-million supercomputer can do everything better, faster and more efficiently than it's ever been done before, which has researchers here salivating over the chance to sink their data into the province's most powerful computing centre. It may help air travel become safer, drug development become faster and cheaper and weather forecasting become more accurate. It may even answer the question about the existence of a god particle, the Holy Grail of physics research.

The implications are astonishing, with researchers heralding breakthroughs in everything from nanotechnologies to climate research to brain imaging.

"This is a quantum leap in computing power," said Sangyong Jeon, interim science director of CLUMEQ, the supercomputer consortium network created by McGill University, Université Laval and the Université du Québec network, including the École de technologie supérieure, where the supercomputer is housed.