Montreal Digital Humanities Showcase 2013 - Calls for Presentations


Published: 26Apr2013

CALL FOR PRESENTATIONS - DUE MAY 12 to Digital.Humanities [at]

Montreal Digital Humanities Showcase 2013

Are you using digital research methodologies and resources in your humanities research and scholarship? Or are you making new tools or applications? We want to hear about it! The Showcase is an informal occasion to bring together Montreal’s faculty and student researchers to discuss current work-in-progress. Presentations should be snappy and short: a maximum of 5 minutes (we’ll have a projector and sound!) Your quick paced and punchy presentation will be followed by 15-20 mins of open floor discussion on your work. New to Digital Humanities? No worries – we’re also interested in how you can re-imagine or think about your work using digital tools and methods. If you’re thinking about a new project, or want to transform your research using digital methods, put something together and make the pitch to a friendly room. Students are strongly encouraged to present, and group presentations are welcome! Communications en Francais ou Anglais!! Hosted by McGill Digital Humanities.

who: Montreal Researchers

What: Projects using or considering digital technologies & Methods, resources, or tools in humanistic research

how: send a 200 word description to digital.humanities [at]

when: by may 12th

Where: McGill University

Do: Prepare a 5 minute snappy short on your work for an interdisciplinary audience on May 22, 1-4pm Leacock 232

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