The Montreal Children's Hospital of the MUHC proudly welcomes the Minister of Immigration and Cultural Communities


To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Montreal Children's Hospital's Multicultural Program and 10th anniversary of its Multicultural Clinic, the Minister of Immigration and Cultural Communities, Mme. Lise Thériault, will be visiting the hospital on Thursday, December 21, at 12:45 pm. Mme. Thériault will be accompanied by the Deputy for Crémazie, Michèle Lamquin-Éthier, and by a number of entertainers and sports celebrities. During a guided tour of the hospital the group will hand out gifts to patients.

"We are looking forward to welcoming the Minister and we are very pleased she is paying tribute to this hospital's expertise in the area of diversity management and integration," says Dr. Linda Christmann, Associate Executive Director of the Children's. "Our acceptance of cultural diversity enables us to provide timely medical intervention which benefits all of the children in our care."

The Montreal Children's Hospital serves a diverse clientele of which 40% are francophone, 40% are allophone and 20% are anglophone. The Children's provides interpretation services in over 60 different languages. This service ensures children receive health care that is both culturally sensitive and linguistically appropriate.

Building on its expertise in the field, the Children's will be hosting the National Transcultural Health Conference In May 2007. The conference will bring together experts in the field and one of its key goals is to highlight good practices in the area of intercultural/transcultural diversity and to set priorities for future action. To learn more about the conference log on to

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