The Middle Management Crunch



( In the international HR community, a group of professionals traditionally noted for a collegiate, sharing approach to their work, a potentially messy conflict is brewing. On one side of the philosophical divide are those that believe that all employees should be regarded as 'talent'. And on the other are the traditionalists, who still adhere to the belief that training and development budgets should be focused on what they term key staff, the movers and shakers who apparently make businesses bigger, better and more profitable. And at HR conferences and workshops around the world tempers are becoming increasingly frayed.

... The solution according to Henry Mintzberg, professor at McGill's Desautels Faculty of Management is not just to supply formal training per se, but training that delivers clear, measurable and, perhaps, most importantly, immediate benefits to this key group. A vociferous critic of much traditional business education, Mintzberg is the brains behind the International Masters in Practicing Management, a program delivered by a syndicate of schools in Brazil, Canada, China, India and the UK. The premise of the program is that experience and a reflective mindset are fundamental to the development of effective managers, and that the sharing of experience in a moderated environment is much more powerful than the sort of lecture style teaching seen in so many MBA classrooms.

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