A message to students regarding tuition


From Morton Mendelson, Deputy Provost (Student Life and Learning)

As you know, the new provincial government has issued a cabinet decree rolling back the tuition increases established by the former Liberal government.

As indicated in previous communications, McGill will credit student accounts, and students will be able to request refunds according to established practices, once the government has officially informed us of the measures it has taken and what the new tuition rate will be.

The University has already asked the government to determine when this notification will take place. A senior official in the new ministry responsible for higher education could not provide a specific date and noted that he understands our impatience to move forward with this matter as soon as possible. But the restructuring of the former Ministry of Education, Recreation and Sport into two separate ministries has slowed the process.

Not only has McGill not received official written notification from the government of the information that has appeared in the media, in its announcement, the government alluded to an alternate formula for calculating an adjustment to tuition. This is the third time this year that proposed tuition rates have changed. We need to wait for the precise numbers from the government so that we are sure to reimburse students the proper amount.

When we receive our instructions from the government, we will inform students immediately and launch the process of credits and refunds.

We ask for your continued understanding and suggest that individuals who wish to voice their displeasure about the delay are best served by expressing their concerns to the government.