McGill statement on comments made by Chancellor Pound


On Friday, October 17, the Assembly of First Nations of Quebec and Labrador expressed its unhappiness with remarks attributed to McGill University Chancellor Richard Pound in an interview granted in French to La Presse journalist Agnès Gruda in Beijing. Ms. Gruda’s article appeared August 9, 2008.

Mr. Pound was interviewed in his capacity as a member of the International Olympic Committee.


Mr. Pound serves McGill University as its Chancellor and has done so since 1999. He is a valued member of the McGill community and has a well-known, 40-year history of service to the broader community as well as to the University.


Mr. Pound’s comments on this issue are his own and are not made on behalf of McGill University.

The University, of course, cannot speak for him on this matter, nor does the University agree with the comments attributed to Mr. Pound in the Aug. 9 article.

-- Dr. Robert Rabinovitch, Chair, Board of Governors