McGill scientists named research scholars


Published: 3Nov2006

Biomedical researchers receive funding from Howard Hughes Medical Institute

Three McGill University researchers have been named Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) International Research Scholars in recognition of their outstanding accomplishments in biomedicine.

"These internationally renowned scientists each have made groundbreaking advances in their respective fields and together they represent the depth and the breadth of biomedical research that is conducted at McGill," said Denis Thérien, McGill's Vice-Principal of Research and International Relations.

The following McGill researchers have been recognized:

Dr. Erwin Schurr is the Principal Investigator at the Centre for the Study of Host Resistance at the McGill University Health Centre and a James McGill Professor of Medicine and Human Genetics. Schurr's research involves the genetic factors that predispose to tuberculosis and leprosy, as well as the identification of host gene variants that determine the efficacy of existing and newly developed tuberculosis vaccines.

Dr. Nahum Sonenberg is a researcher at McGill's Cancer Centre and is a professor in the Faculty of Medicine, Department of Biochemistry. Sonenberg studies translational control mechanisms. His work has led to a better understanding of basic biologic processes in normal and cancer cells and now plays a major role in the creation of innovative cancer treatments. Other areas of research include diabetes, obesity and hepatitis. This is the third time Sonenberg has received an HHMI award.

Dr. Eric Shoubridge, professor of Neurology, Neurosurgery and Human Genetics, is a researcher at the Montreal Neurological Institute. Shoubridge's work focuses on identifying and characterizing genes associated with mitochondrial disease, investigating the molecular mechanisms of disease in these conditions and studying the organization of mitochondrial DNA and the factors that control its transmission and segregation. This is Shoubridge's second HHMI award.

Each researcher will receive a five-year grant totaling nearly $500,000. Overall, McGill has received 11 International Research Scholar grants since 1991. HHMI's International Research Scholars Program has awarded over $100 million to support the work of exceptional scientists in 32 countries. HHMI is based in Maryland.

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