McGill MBA grad Brooke Fishback teams up and wins International Diversity prize in the University of San Francisco Plan Competition


Published: 28Apr2003

Brooke Fishback, McGill MBA'03, along with Poul La Cour from the Copenhagen Business School, Denmark, and Oren Shrem from Tel Aviv Graduate School of Management, Israel, teamed up to participate in the University of San Francisco Graduate School of Management 2003 International Business Plan Competition this past April 9-12.

The work presented by the team of Fishback, La Cour and Shrem, entitled Greencycle, won the International Diversity Prize, worth $1,000. Congratulations go out to Brooke Fishback and his team.

Greencycle is a café/laundromat chain concept that combines an energy efficient and ecologically friendly laundromat with a socially conscious café that offers organic foodstuffs and fair trade coffee. The café/laundromat serves as a local community centre for postsecondary students, and provides a relaxing setting for people to dine on organic sandwiches and salads, sip fair trade coffee and converse while they await their laundry, study or meet with friends. Greencycle introduces a new way of doing laundry, offering customers a better, more enjoyable way to spend their time.