McGill Library software


McGill Library is pleased to announce that personal reference database software (or citation software, as it is sometimes known) is available to all within the university community. The software suite, obtained from Thomson, includes EndNote, Reference Manager and WriteNote. The software for the first two can be downloaded from the ELMS website to your computer for use at home or within the university. Writenote will be available from the Thomson website but is still under testing and will not be made available until later this year.

The software allows the creation of citation lists through importing references directly from more than 350 online databases, including the McGill Library catalogue, the catalogues of other libraries, most databases accessible at McGill, including PubMed and Web of Science, thereby eliminating separate data input. The software will format bibliographies automatically and link reference to files on the web or on your own computer. Use of the software will assist students in dealing with issues of academic integrity. Faculty are asked to encourage all students to acquire and use the software.

Workshops are available to provide assistance in how to use the software. Many filters are available for each database to be used.


Reference Manager

For more information, contact darlene.canning [at] (Darlene Canning) in the Schulich Library of Science and Engineering at 514-398-4765.