McGill-HEC Montréal EMBA offers yearly aboriginal scholarship


Every year, the McGill-HEC Montréal EMBA program offers a $50,000 scholarship for aboriginal managers. The first recipient of the scholarship was Mi’kmaq urban councillor Manon Jeanotte in 2014. Her EMBA experience prompted her to make a successful run for chief of the Gespeng Mik’maq Nation in 2015.

Kativik School Board director Jason Annahatak will graduate from the EMBA next February, and calls the EMBA a good fit for aboriginal leaders because it gets them networking with a wide range of influencers.

In spite of this, aboriginal engagement with the EMBA has been fairly light, a fact that program co-director Professor Alain Pinsonneault would like to see change over the next few years.

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