McGill Grad Becomes the 2000th Member of the Ordre des traducteurs, terminologues et interprètes agréés du Québec

Published: 14 March 2010

McGill University is pleased to congratulate Isabelle Pouliot, who has become the 2000th member of the Ordre des traducteurs, terminologues et interprètes agréés du Québec (OTTIAQ). OTTIAQ made the announcement last week in Montreal. Mme Pouliot received her Certificate in Translation in 2005 and her Graduate Diploma in Translation a year later in May 2006, both from McGill.

The primary goal of the Translation Programs delivered through McGill's Centre for Continuing Education is to meet the educational needs and aspirations of the adult members of our changing society. As the Director of the Department of Translation Studies, Dr. James Archibald encourages students from all backgrounds to continue to develop their skills and grow professionally based on their prior knowledge and work experience. Dr. Archibald is pleased to see how McGill's graduates are working to help enrich and develop the translation community and said that he is "thrilled to extend sincere congratulations on behalf of the department to Mme Pouliot".

"McGill is pleased to continue to work with the Order to contribute to the growth of the translation profession," continued Dr. Archibald, "and congratulates them on their success in reinforcing Quebec's language industry."

Like many students who enroll in the Translation Program, Mme Pouliot has a diverse background with a large breadth of knowledge and experience. During her undergraduate studies, she majored in Communications and Journalism before completing a Graduate Diploma in International Journalism. She then worked as a journalist for eight years. Driven by the desire to broaden her employment opportunities, Mme Pouliot enrolled in McGill's Certificate in Translation. Before she began her studies in translation, she believed that she would primarily improve her understanding of the English language, but says she was surprised by "the improvement of [her] mastery of the French written language".

Following a year of part-time studies, Mme Pouliot took an extended leave of absence from her job to study full-time. During this time, she realized she was determined to change her profession, to dedicate herself fully to translation. She then enrolled in McGill's Graduate Diploma in Translation. She recalls how "initially I was hesitant to enroll, because I believed that translation was something technical and mechanical [...], but, from the first class, I was seduced".

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