McGill Experts: 2012 U.S. Presidential Race


Published: 1Oct2012

With the U.S. Presidential Election Day on November 6, Americans must decide whether to re-elect President Barack Obama for a second term or vote for Republican candidate Mitt Romney.

McGill University offers these experts to comment on the race for the White House:
U.S. politics, modern U.S. political history, presidential campaigns and candidates
Gil Troy
Professor, Dept. of History
giltroy [at]
Languages: English
Prof. Troy is the co-editor, with Arthur Schlesinger Jr. and Fred Israel, of “History of American Presidential Elections”, a collection of essays covering every U.S. election, each written by experts on those specific campaigns.
Health care reform in Canada and the United States
Antonia Maioni
Associate Professor, Dept. of Political Science


antonia.maioni [at]
Languages: English, French
U.S. politics, early American political theory
Jacob Levy
Associate Professor, Dept. of Political Science

Languages: English
U.S. foreign policy
Prof. Mark Brawley
Dept. of Political Science
Languages: English
19th and 20th century United States social and political history, social change and conflict
Prof. Leonard Moore
Dept. of History
514-398-4400 ext. 094670
Languages: English
U.S. fiscal deficits/debt, U.S. monetary policy
Prof. Chris Ragan
Dept. of Economics
514-398-4400 ext. 09232
Languages: English
Tax law and policy
Allison Christians
Prof. Faculty of Law, Stikeman Chair in Tax Law
514- 398-1223
allison.christians [at] 
Languages: English

U.S. politics and public policy
Prof. Harold Waller
Professor, Dept. Political Science and Chair of North American Studies
514 398-4400 ext. 094369
Languages: English
Monetary economics and public policy
Prof. Tom Velk
Dept. of Economics and North American Studies
Languages: English

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