McGill expert: Gaza conflict

Published: 21 July 2014
''The UN Security Council expressed concern at the escalation of violence in the Gaza conflict after meeting on Sunday to discuss almost two weeks of fighting between Israel and the Islamist Hamas group that has cost more than 400 lives.''

McGill expert: 

Rex Brynen - Department of Political Science

Research interests: 

  • Security and development in fragile and conflict-affected states.
  • Middle East politics: Palestine, Jordan, Lebanon; Arab-Israeli peace process (with special emphasis on development assistance and refugees); regional conflict, security and development in the Middle East; authoritarianism and democratization in the Arab world.
  • Professional political-military wargaming. Conflict, peacebuilding, and development simulation.

rex.brynen [at] (Email)

Source : UN Security Council concerned by growing Gaza conflict casualties

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