McGill Associates Prize in Translation (French): Louise Chicoine

Published: 30 October 2009

Citizen Translator Wins Prize at McGill

Both in her daily work and in her private life, Louise Chicoine personifies the committed translator. Ms. Chicoine, a trilingual  miltant, has used her skills as a linguist and community organizer to help the disempowered since beginning her career. Her excellent and steady work as a newly-qualified translator was recognized at the 2009 Convocation when she was awarded the McGill Associates Prize in Translation (English to French).This prize is awarded annually to the student  with the best academic record in the Certificate in Translation.

Ms. Chicoine has worked at the International Centre for Human Rights and Democratic Development since 2005 and has taken on translation, revision and publishing projects in three languages: French, English and Spanish. This work, however, is only one aspect of her passion for languages and the defense of human rights. Her involvement in multilingual community work started in 1981 at the time of Prisoners’ Week organized by the Ligue des droits et libertés. Since then, her life as a highly committed citizen has intensified and, day after day, she has devoted her energy to issues she believes in such as violence against women, self-determination for aboriginal peoples, and the conflict between extremism and the rule of  law.

She deals with all these issues while at work. In her free time, Ms. Chicoine still manages to be a volunteer. She has spent countless hours as an administrator for Crossroads International (1988-1995), Human Rights Internet (1991-1996) and Inter Pares (2000-2008).

"Nowadays, people are constantly talking about the importance of social integration for translators," pointed out the Director of Translation Studies,  Dr. James Archibald. "Here we have a newly-minted translator using her skills as a language professional to help the public. What a shining example of responsible citizenship this is!" he added.

McGill University offers both a Certificate in Translation and a Graduate Diploma in Translation for budding translators interested in the language industry.


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