McGill Associates Prize in Translation (French - English): Emily Salmins

Published: 3 July 2010

Ms. Emily Salmins, a legal  assistant with writing experience in legal firms in both Paris and Washington, and experience in teaching French as a foreign language in the United States, has added translation competence to a new career which marries her passion  for languages and her love of writing. In recognition of her excellent work, Ms. Salmins was awarded the McGill Associates Prize in Translation (French to English) at the 2010 Convocation. The prize is awarded annually to the student with the best academic record in the Certificate in Translation.

Ms. Salmins received a Bachelor of Arts in English and French from Indiana University in 2003. Already recognized for her excellent command of French at Indiana, Salmins went on to perfect her knowledge of business French at the Catholic Institute of Paris, where she earned a teaching certificate in June 2007.

Although she is new to the language industry, Salmins has already started doing work in the not-for-profit sector by translating documents for an international migrants' rights organization and newsletters for an organization serving individuals with disabilities. These early experiences have allowed her to do volunteer work for several cultural, religious, and charitable organizations which have benefited from her knowledge of business French, her familiarity with legal language and her desire to communicate in an intercultural environment.

Although translation was not Salmins's first career choice, her educational and life experiences slowly pointed in this direction. She found her true calling "when [she] landed in Montreal and began coursework in translation, a field that combines [her] passion for languages and love of writing".

"Ms. Salmins is a driven person with a remarkable sense of purpose. Her bilingualism cultivated through hard work, her determination and her experiences in both Paris and Provence during her undergraduate year abroad make her a model immigrant to Quebec. Her intercultural competence and knowledge of both English and French will be of great value to the language industry," declared Dr. James Archibald, Director of Translation Studies.

McGill University offers both a Certificate in Translation and a Graduate Diploma in Translation for budding translators interested in the language industry.


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