Mandatory Final e-Thesis Submission


Published: 13Aug2009

After extensive consultation with Graduate Council, Deans Advisory Committee, PGSS, the library, and a four-year pilot project, effective immediately, the final submission of theses is now mandatory through e-thesis.

Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies (GPS) will no longer accept paper final thesis submissions. e-Thesis submission pertains only to the submission of the final, corrected copy of the thesis to GPS and does not cover the initial submission.

The benefits of e-thesis submission are widespread and have a positive impact on graduate students, faculty & staff and the McGill Community as a whole.

These advantages include:

  • significant cost savings (no printing fees, courier fees, or travel costs)
  • submission and approval from anywhere in the world through internet access
  • ability to use colour
  • capability to collaborate in an e-environment (student and supervisor)
  • straightforward and quicker dissemination of the thesis
  • support of a "green McGill" (no more printed copies, etc.)
  • use of fewer resources
  • conforms to "best practices" amongst our peers

Started as a pilot in 2005, the e-thesis project has now reached its final stage with mandatory final submission through e-thesis. Previously, graduating students had the option to submit their final thesis either in paper or electronically by e-thesis. The e-thesis project has been very successful, with 59% Doctoral and 74% Masters graduating students participating as of May 2009 Convocation.

With mandatory final e-thesis submission, McGill can begin to move toward electronic initial thesis submission for review and examination, an enormous advantage for academic staff and graduate students alike.

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