Jazz composer Christine Jensen recipient of the Oscar Peterson Award


Jazz instructor Christine Jensen, has received the 2017 Oscar Peterson Award from the Festival International de Jazz de Montréal 

Created on the 10th anniversary of the Festival in 1989, the Oscar Peterson Award recognizes a performer’s musicianship and exceptional contribution to the development of Canadian jazz. Globe and Mail jazz critic Mark Miller has written that Christine Jensen is “one of the most compelling Canadian composers of her generation.” She has made her mark on both alto and soprano saxophone, and as a composer and conductor at the Canadian and international level, delivering the notable albums Collage (2000), Look Left (2006) and, with sister Ingrid on trumpet, Flurry (2007) and Infinitude (2016). Heading her formidable 18-piece Jazz Orchestra, she won back-to-back Juno Awards for Best Contemporary Jazz Album for Treelines (2013) and Habitat (2014), a masterstroke that revealed the full range of her immense talent.