International Student Buddy Training Program - Training for New Buddies


Published: 5Nov2009

The International Student Buddy Program is getting underway, in preparation for the new students who will be arriving in January 2010.

-It is a requirement to have a short and informal interview with the Buddy Coordinator. This step is essential to learn how the program works and what is expected of you.

Please note that your chances of being selected to Buddy a new student will increase if you have been interviewed.

-The ‘Buddy Experience Support and Training’ (BEST) presentation was designed to help with your Buddying experience. Please read these simple instructions before coming to the interview.

-The info sessions are held in the form of a question and answer period and it is an open door policy.  Interviews last approximately 10 minutes.  You can leave as soon as your interview is over.

You do not have to be there the entire time.

The interviews will be held in 3001 of the Brown building, on any of the following dates:

Mon Nov 16, 10:30

Tues Nov 17, 9:30

Wed Nov 18, 12:30

Mon Nov 23, 9:30

Wed Nov 25, 9:30

Mon Nov 30, 10:30

Tues Dec  1, 12:30


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