An innovative medical education program in Outaouais: integrated externship


The Outaouais Health Campus, McGill University and their partners are happy to announce the inauguration of a new decentralized predoctoral medical education program: integrated externship. The first cohort, composed of nine students, arrived this August to pursue their medical education. The program combines clinical exposure, teaching and learning by clinical reasoning.

The integrated externship program corresponds to the 3rd full year of medical education and was designed to give students an experience in the community. The physicians form nine medical clinics, those of CSSS de Gatineau and Centre hospitalier Pierre-Janet (CHPJ), provide teaching and medical supervision to students throughout the integrated externship. The students can also complete their 4th year of training in the region.

“Medical students must be given the benefit of the rich experience offered by the first and second-line medical environments,” pointed out Dr. Gilles Brousseau, Director of Medical Education at the Outaouais Health Campus. “The unflagging support of the institutions and their staff assured the conditions for success to start up this program in record time,” Dr. Brousseau concluded.

“The McGill University Faculty of Medicine is proud to collaborate in the improvement of care in the Outaouais region and to implement training that values family medicine and the primary care specialties,” declared Dr. Samuel Benaroya, Associate Vice-Principal of Health Affairs of the McGill University Faculty of Medicine.

“A teaching community in Outaouais undeniably is a mobilizing and unifying project for all practitioners, and I am proud that today I can recognize the results obtained in so little time due to the synergy generated by the Outaouais Health Campus,” added Dr. Morissette, CEO of the Agence de santé et des services sociaux de l’Outaouais.

During their externship, the students are integrated into the clinical environments and can manage care and ensure its continuity, while learning within their own clinic with an established clientele.

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