An important step in the green direction at McGill - University and Ville-Marie Borough make McTavish Street a pedestrian zone


University and Ville-Marie Borough make McTavish Street a pedestrian zone

McTavish Street, between Sherbrooke Street and Dr. Penfield Avenue, is now a pedestrian zone. Mayor Gérald Tremblay and McGill Principal and Vice-Chancellor Heather Munroe-Blum formalized the change at a ceremony on McTavish Street today. This innovative project is part of a series of joint initiatives by the municipal administration and McGill designed to make the downtown campus greener and noticeably improve the quality of life of the neighbourhood, such as eliminating parking spaces, improving the natural spaces, and creating a bicycle path along University Street.

"We are delighted to combine our efforts with those of McGill University to offer this genuine urban experience in sustainable development and revitalization in the heart of downtown Montréal. Pedestrianization is a strong action, allowing the McGill community, as well as Montrealers and tourists, to take over this new space of exceptional freedom. It is logically consistent with the different policies adopted by the Ville de Montréal, particularly the Pedestrian Charter, Montréal's First Strategic Plan for Sustainable Development and the Transportation Plan, and is in addition to the borough's various initiatives in the field, such as the pedestrianization of Sainte-Catherine Street East, Saint-Paul Street East, Ottawa Street, and soon, Clark Street in Chinatown," Mayor Tremblay declared.

"This is an important moment, not just for McGill, but for the thousands of citizens who take advantage every day of the green oasis our downtown campus provides in the heart of the city," Prof. Munroe-Blum said. "I'm delighted to join with the Arrondissement de Ville-Marie and Mayor Tremblay in this initiative, which will help reduce pollution and make our campus a safer and better place. I'm very pleased that McGill and the borough are able to show in a concrete way significant leadership in putting pedestrians first. I want to thank all those within the City administration and those at McGill that helped to bring this to fruition"

A by-law approved recently by the Ville-Marie council allows the urban space on McTavish Street to become a pedestrian zone. Trees and shrubs will be added and areas where people can sit in groups to enjoy the outdoor space will be installed to provide a park-like look and feel to the street. Parking has been eliminated, traffic is limited for deliveries to businesses on the street and restricted between 7 a.m. and 11 a.m. Special arrangements have been designed to accommodate vehicles transporting people with disabilities and local residents, using an existing network of alleys between McTavish Street and Peel Street to the west.

The creation of a pedestrian zone on McTavish Street complements McGill's Greening Lower Campus initiative, designed to enhance the University's natural environment, increase green space, decrease paved areas, improve landscaping and minimize motorized vehicles on the lower campus. Parking has been eliminated on the lower campus below the Arts Building and vehicle access is now restricted to the Milton Gate off University St. Although the Roddick Gates on Sherbrooke Street will remain open to pedestrians, vehicles can no longer enter the campus at this point.

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