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Critical Thinking through Clear Writing ~ Clear Writing through Critical Thinking

A science writing course that will help you write logical, precise, and interesting articles about your research

Writing Science Articles 2 (REDM 710)

Register NOW for the 2011 winter session of Writing Science Articles 2, a 3-credit writing course for graduate students. This course will help you think critically about your data and write logically about your findings. Writing Science Articles 2 (REDM 710), an advanced seminar course, teaches Science graduate students the necessary skills for writing and publishing in their profession. 

Course Description

Students  learn techniques for developing logical arguments and balanced scientific texts. This will be accomplished by deconstructing their own and other students' writing with particular attention focused on the Introduction and Discussion section of the manuscript. Students will learn to structure their manuscripts to ensure that the major findings receive appropriate attention, distinguishing them from secondary, supporting data in both the Results and Discussion section. 
An editor of a major scientific journal or member of the Editorial Board will explain the peer-review process, the role of reviewers and editors, what editors look for in publishable manuscripts, and how to respond to reviewers' comments when revising and resubmitting manuscripts.

Course Schedule

Writing Science Articles 2 (REDM 710) meets throughout the winter term on Tuesdays (CRN 5841) or Thursdays (CRN 9323) from 10:05-1:05.

Course Location:

The class meets in the Redpath Museum, Hodgson Seminar Room.

For more information or to register please contact: 
Prof. Linda Cooper at   514-398-8545.

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