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Five McGill scholars elected Fellows of the Royal Society of Canada


Published: 10 Jul 2007

McGill University is pleased to announce that five of its faculty members are among the 80 new Fellows joining the ranks of the Royal Society of Canada (RSC).

McGill University is pleased to announce that five of its faculty members are among the 80 new Fellows joining the ranks of the Royal Society of Canada (RSC).

The RSC, founded in 1882, is Canada’s oldest and most prestigious scholarly society. Election to RSC is the highest honour that can be attained by academics, artists and scientists in Canada. This year’s Fellows will be inducted at a ceremony on November 17, 2007, in Edmonton.

The five newly elected McGill RSC Fellows are:


Hong Guo, Department of Physics
Professor Hong Guo joined McGill’s physics department in 1990. He is internationally renowned for his pioneering contributions to theoretical and computational modelling of quantum transport in nanoelectronic systems. His research spans and influences several fields of condensed matter theory, computational physics, materials physics and statistical physics.


Michael J. Meaney, Department of Psychiatry
Dr. Meaney is the Associate Director of Research at the Douglas Hospital Research Centre, Director of the Program for the Study of Behaviour, Genes and the Environment, and is also a professor in the departments of psychiatry and neurology & neurosurgery. He was one of the first researchers to identify the importance of maternal care in modifying the expression of genes that regulate behavioural and neuroendocrine responses to stress. His research is considered a model for multidisciplinary research and has placed him in an internationally unique position as a scientist.

Morag Park, Departments of Medicine, Oncology and Biochemistry
Dr. Morag Park is the James McGill professor of Oncology, Director of McGill’s Molecular Oncology Group and Co-Director of the MUHC’s Cancer Axes. She is considered an international leader in understanding the mechanisms underlying activation of human cancer. Her work now focuses on the tumour microenvironment relevant to human breast cancer and the molecular events that occur during cancer progression and invasion.


A. Patrick S. Selvadurai, Department of Civil Engineering and Applied Mechanics
Dr. A. Patrick S. Selvadurai, William Scott Professor and James McGill Professor, is considered a world authority in geomechanics — the study of the behaviour of soil and rock. He has profoundly influenced engineering modelling activities in nuclear waste management, soil-structure interaction, and northern and environmental geomechanics. He has published extensively in journals and authored over a dozen books. Dr. Selvadurai is a Fellow of the Engineering Institute of Canada, American Academy of Mechanics, Canadian Society for Civil Engineering, Canadian Academy of Engineering and Institute for Mathematics and its Applications, and the recipient of the prestigious Planck, Killam and Humboldt Awards.


Isztar I. Zawadzki, Department of Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences
Professor Isztar Zawadzki, Director of the Radar Observatory in the Department of Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences, has made exceptional and long-lasting contributions to our understanding of precipitation processes using radar measurements. His novel work on the statistical properties of raindrops has been applied to an advanced numerical weather prediction model for the benefit of the meteorological community. In 2006, Prof. Zawadzki was awarded the first-ever Remote Sensing Prize of the American Meteorology Society in recognition of his many contributions to radar meteorology.

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