First conciliation meeting and others scheduled until October 26

Published: 9 September 2011

On September 8, McGill’s negotiating committee met with the government-appointed conciliator.  During this first session, the conciliator decided that both parties should discuss all unresolved issues, which should be grouped under different categories.  The parties agreed to discuss some 34 issues.  The Union worked on these during the afternoon and presented its position at the end of the day. McGill will present its counter-proposal at a meeting scheduled for Monday, September 12 with the conciliator and MUNACA’s bargaining team.  At this next meeting with the conciliator, groupings of all remaining unresolved issues will be provided, which will enable the conciliator to schedule future meetings where these will be discussed.  The conciliator then moved to the calendar of meetings and suggested a series of dates set for September leading up to October 26 to continue talks on remaining unresolved issues.

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