Federal Election Day - Monday, January 23

Published: 16 January 2006

To members of the McGill Community:

A reminder that Monday, January 23, is Federal Election Day. The University will remain open and all activities will continue as normally scheduled.

All employers are obliged by law to ensure that employees have three clear hours to vote. The University must, therefore, grant to those employees whose work schedule does not allow for three clear hours the additional time that may be necessary. The hours for voting are granted at the convenience of the University. You are responsible for individual arrangements with staff members. Polls are open from 9:30 am to 9:30 pm. If by 6:30 pm the employee has not had the opportunity to vote due to the constraint of employment hours, the law requires that the employee be permitted to leave at that time.

The law does not obligate the University to accommodate its students by canceling classes to permit three consecutive hours of voting time for those who have a right to vote. Consequently, classes and laboratories should take place as usual. Difficult situations may, however, arise for student voters with full-time employment downtown, evening classes at McGill, and a polling station in a residential suburb. Professors and instructors are urged to avoid the scheduling of tests on January 23 and to attempt to accommodate the special needs of students where possible.

Johanne Pelletier

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