Evan Fox-Decent’s book shortlisted for Macpherson Prize


Published: 6Jun2012

The Faculty was delighted to learn that Professor Evan Fox-Decent's book, Sovereignty's Promise: The State as Fiduciary, is one of three books shortlisted for the 2012 C.B. Macpherson Prize by the Canadian Political Science Association (CPSA) for the best book published, in English or in French, in a field relating to the study of political theory.

Traversing political theory, private law, public law, and theorizing on the rule of law, Professor Fox-Decent's book develops a constitutional theory of the state described by the CPSA jury as "novel and even paradigm-shifting." He argues that the state is a fiduciary of its people, and that this fiduciary relationship grounds the state's authority to announce and enforce law.

About the C.B. Macpherson Prize

The Macpherson Prize was established to honour the life and work of Crawford Brough Macpherson (1911-1987), an internationally renowned teacher and scholar of political theory who served as University Professor at the University of Toronto. The Canadian Political Science Association seeks to encourage the ideals of scholarship represented by this great Canadian political scientist.


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