Enhanced security on McGill Network


For the continual improvement to our network service, and to meet McGill’s evolving administrative and research security requirements, McGill IT Services will be increasing network filtering focused on threat protection. This increased security measure will restrict access to the following services, such that they may only be accessed from an authenticated VPN connection or from the McGill internal network:

  • Unencrypted remote access tools (Telnet, rlogin, rcmd, X11);
  • Infrastructure management services (TACACS, VMware management, HP management, JetDirect, SNMP, CUPS, IPMI, LPD);
  • Remote access on Windows computers and servers (Remote Desktop Protocol - RDP);
  • Common remote access tools also commonly used by hacking tools (VNC, Dameware, Chargen, Portmapper).

These reinforced security measures will be implemented during the overnight hours, from Thursday, March 9th, 2017 to Friday, March 10th, 2017.

Following the implementation, members of the McGill community who were previously using these services directly from the Internet will have to establish a VPN connection when accessing them from outside McGill.  See instructions on setting up a VPN connection. The same article also explains how to request an account for affiliates, visitors and McGill affiliated companies if they do not already have a McGill account.