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Emergency Water Shutdown - Update


Published: 7 Jul 2008

Further to my earlier message regarding the emergency water shutdown, I am writing to inform you that alternative sources of water for fire protection have been found for the following buildings:

  • Wilson Hall
  • Arts Building
  • Dawson Hall

Therefore, occupants of these buildings can now return to them. However, there is insufficient pressure to provide water for toilets or drinking water in these buildings. For health reasons, please refrain from using the washrooms and drinking fountains in these buildings. As an alternative, please use washrooms in nearby buildings that are fully supplied with water; that is, buildings other than those included in the list below.

  • FDA
  • Wilson Hall
  • Arts Building
  • Dawson Hall
  • McConnell Engineering
  • Macdonald Engineering
  • Redpath Museum
  • James Administration
  • James Ferrier

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding. We will update you with further information about the status of the water supply as soon as it becomes available.

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