Edward W. Keyserlingk honoured by Canadian Medical Association


Edward W. Keyserlingk will receive the 2004 Medal of Honour from the Canadian Medical Association (CMA) on August 18, in recognition of his work as a clinician, scholar, teacher, humanitarian and pioneer in medical ethics.

Dr Keyserlingk is the former Director of the Biomedical Ethics Unit and Associate Professor, Department of Social Studies in Medicine, an Adjunct Professor, Faculty of Religious Studies, Clinical Ethicist, Montreal General Hospital, and Associate Member, McGill Centre for Studies in Aging.

Keyserlingk has graduate degrees in religious studies and in law. He received his first degree from the Faculté de Théologie, Université de Montréal, his LLM (Comparative Law, Health Law) from the Faculty of Law, McGill, and his PhD (Bioethics) from the Faculty of Religious Studies, McGill. Dr Keyserlingk is currently the Government of Canada Public Service Integrity Officer.

Presented each year to a nonphysician, the CMA's Medal of Honour recognizes contributions to medical research or education, health care organization and public education. The award also recognizes commendable public service in raising the standards of health care delivery in Canada and service to the profession in medical organization. Past recipients have included the War Amps' Clifford Chadderton, athlete Rick Hansen and Nobel laureate Michael Smith.