Dupont, the teacher and novelist, honoured at McGill


Montreal – June 2011 – The School of Continuing Studies honoured one of its lecturers at the 2011 Convocation ceremonies by presenting him with the 2011 Award for Distinguished Teaching.

Dr. Éric Dupont joined the School’s Department of Translation and Written Communication in 2003. Since then, he has taught a wide variety of courses including Précis Writing, Theory and Practice of Translation and Current Cultural Topics in both the undergraduate and graduate programs. His only break was taken in 2010, when he was selected by the Union des écrivaines et écrivains québécois to participate in a writer residence program created as part of a cooperation agreement between Quebec and the German state of Bavaria.

His students value the fact that he is genuinely interested in their intellectual development. He serves not only as their guide and mentor, but as a living example of a well-rounded translator-teacher in action. This is especially true when he approaches the topic of literary translation for Dupont is not only a distinguished teacher. He is also an accomplished novelist. So he embodies all of the wordsmith’s creative sides which one does not usually associate with the stereotypical rewriter concerned solely with language transfer.

As the Director of the department, James Archibald, noted during the ceremony, “Students cannot leave the transformative atmosphere of his classes without having discovered their potential as rewriters and their creativity. He leads by example, the example of impeccable writing, precise translations and a cultural sensitivity hors pair. In other words, Dupont is an enviable didactic model.”

Established in 1993, the Award for Distinguished Teaching recognizes teachers who embody the highest attributes of the teaching profession. Teachers like Dupont are committed to quality teaching, have the ability to motivate students and the drive to spur students on to build on the competencies they acquired before deciding to continue their formal education.

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