Dr Neric Acosta in residence at CDAS, 2 June - 18 June 2008


Neric Acosta just completed three terms (nine years/constitutionally-imposed terms limits) as member of the Philippine House of Representatives, where he chaired the Committee on Ecology and was principal author of the 1999 Clean Air Act and the 2004 Clean Water Act. Acosta now serves as Secretary-General of both the Liberal Party of the Philippines and the Council of Asian Liberals and Democrats. He teaches public policy and environmental governance at the Ateneo de Manila University and the Asian Institute of Management, and works with NGOs on microfinance in Mindanao. Acosta received his PhD in Political Science from the University of Hawaii as East-West Center Doctorate Fellow and was 2004 World Fellow of Yale University. Dr. Acosta is a visiting scholar at the Centre for Developing-Area Studies in June 2008.