Dr. Jamshid Beheshti of the School of Information Studies is a co-editor of a new book on the information behaviour of children & adolescents


Published: 3Dec2014

Congratulations to McGill School of Information Studies (SIS) faculty member Dr. Jamshid Beheshti on the newly published book: "New Directions in Children's and Adolescents' Information Behavior Research," co-edited with Dr. Dania Bilal.

The book includes a chapter on "Designing an Intervention Tool for Students with Students," by Jamshid Beheshti, Charles Cole, and SIS PhD students Mohammed J. AlGhamdi, Dhary Abuhimed, and Isabelle Lamoureux.

"The results of decades of research shows that children and adolescents encounter challenges and obstacles in searching for information and retrieving relevant results, and have difficulty interpreting results within various information environments. However, a recent paradigm shift points to the changed information behavior of the new generation of users; children and adolescents born after the advent of the Web. Technologically savvy, they skim and surf for information, multi-task, search collaboratively, and share information on social networks. This book comprises innovative research on the information behavior of various age groups and special populations. It provides studies and reflections on designing systems that help the new generation cope with a complex knowledge society. In addition to information scholars, this book will also be of interest to information professionals, librarians, educators, Web designers, and human-computer interaction researchers.

Review: "This collection of studies is a valuable contribution to the research literature of information behavior of children and adolescents. The book offers interesting insights and good ideas for further research and practice." - Carol Kuhlthau, Department of Library and Information Science, Rutgers University, USA" " - Publisher's site.

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