Dr. Frederick Andermann named Officer of the Order of Quebec


Dr. Frederick Andermann, neurologist and researcher at the Montreal Neurological Institute and Hospital – The Neuro, McGill University has been named an Officer of the Order of Quebec. Dr. Andermann is among 33 distinguished recipients who will be decorated by Premier of Quebec Pauline Marois at a ceremony on June 6, 2013 at the salle du Conseil législatif de l’hôtel du Parlement.

Dr. Andermann’s career spans over 50 years and he is widely respected world-wide as a pioneer in the diagnosis and genetics of epilepsy. He is known for his original and thorough studies of epilepsy syndromes and other degenerative disorders. As an example of this work, Dr. Andermann and his wife, Eva Andermann, discovered that a devastating neurodegenerative disorder in the Saguenay and Charlevoix regions of Quebec was a familial disorder.  Using this information, scientists developed a genetic test for the Andermann Syndrome, which led to a significant reduction in its impact on families in these communities and opened the door for studies of other neurodegenerative disorders in geographically isolated populations. Dr. Andermann is a highly regarded mentor and has trained a whole generation of physicians and scientists who have established epilepsy centres around the world.

He is Professor of Pediatrics, and Neurology and Neurosurgery at McGill University, and Director of The Neuro’s Epilepsy Clinic and Research Unit. 

Dr. Andermann was elected as Fellow in the Royal Society of Canada and The Frederick Andermann Fellowship in Epileptology and EEG was created in partnership with UCB Pharma in 2011. In 2006 he was appointed an Officer of the Order of Canada. Dr. Andermann has also been recognized for his outstanding achievements with the 2003 Prix Wilder Penfield, the 2000 William G. Lennox Award from the American Epilepsy Society, the 1999 Penfield Award for Contribution in Outstanding Canadian Epileptology from the Canadian League Against Epilepsy, and the 1995 Distinguished Clinical Investigator Award from the American Epilepsy Society and Milken Foundation.  The University of Chicago has created The Fred Andermann and Pierre Gloor Award of Excellence in Clinical Neuro-physiology to be bestowed on an individual at the university for his or her outstanding performance in clinical neurophysiology.

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