On Demand Services launch at McGill Library


Published: 12Mar2010

McGill Library is happy to announce the launch of its On Demand Services. Using our Kirtas APT book scanner and Espresso Book Machine, the Library will, on request and for a cost, scan rare books and other items from our collections and create electronic versions of them for download.

This service allows students, faculty and the general public to purchase digital or print editions of items from the McGill Library.

The items must be indisputably free of copyright, and their physical condition and format must make them suitable for scanning.

For more information, visit https://www.mcgill.ca/library/library-about/ondemand/ or contact Amy Buckland, E-Scholarship, EPublishing & Digitization Coordinator at //31/amy.buckland [at] mcgill.ca">amy.buckland [at] mcgill.ca

Contact Information

Amy Buckland
amy.buckland [at] mcgill.ca
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