DCL Research Series 2014-2015


Published: 12Sep2014

The DCL Research Series is a student-driven forum for the presentation of doctoral research on subjects related to law and legal norms. Open to all disciplines, it serves not only as a site of exchange, but also as an opportunity for doctoral students to develop themselves as engaged scholars, effective communicators, and involved community members.

See our call for participation!

Although most participants will be doctoral students from the law faculty, we are consciously seeking to promote the involvement of doctoral students from other disciplines.  This year’s theme “bridging the gaps” is meant to signal this. There are many gaps that we constantly face – between academia and society, between academic disciplines, within our own disciplines, between our audiences and ourselves, and even within our own minds.

During the 2014-15 DCL Research Series, we encourage participants to face these gaps and to turn their creative powers to finding and building connections between them.  This does not require presentations to be interdisciplinary, but rather to direct our attention to the way in which the presentation of research can (and must) reach out to ‘build bridges’ and to connect with other disciplines, people and ideas.

For more information, write to jeffrey.kennedy [at] mail.mcgill.ca.

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