The CRLMB welcomes Canada-US Fulbright Scholar, Dr. Robin Panneton


Dr. Robin Panneton, Associate Professor of Developmental and Biological Psychology at Virgina Tech joins the Centre for Research on Language, Mind and Brain (CRLMB) for a four-month term as a Canada-US Fulbright Scholar.

Her research focuses on the development of infants’ preferences for speech patterns, how speech directs infant attention, native language recognition, and infants’ emerging dependence on visual speech (e.g., face) information. She and her students investigate these issues with infants across the first postnatal year, exploring measures of attention via behavior and psychophysiology. While at McGill, she will be collaborating with Dr. Linda Polka on a research project that will investigate sources of information that augment infants’ abilities to process linguistic information in the face of perceptual challenge (e.g., noisy backgrounds).

Dr. Panneton will inaugurate the Distinguished Lecture Series  of the Centre for Research on Language, Mind and Brain, with a talk entitled "Look at me when I talk to you!”: Infants' integration of face and voice information during speech processing," which will be held on Friday, October 3rd at 1:30 pm in the Redpath Museum Auditorium.

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