Congratulations to our recent grant and student stipend recipients

Published: 29 August 2014



P. Campeau and D. Reinhardt Dissecting the role of fibronectin in chondrogenesis. FRQS RSBO Emerging Collaboration Grant

H. Chertkow, M. Gornitsky, H. Paudel, H.M. Schipper. Development and validation of salivary TAU as a biomarker for early Alzheimer's disease. Weston Brain Institute grant

Dr. Marc McKeeGordon Research Conference on Biomineralization: Where biology meets geology: The inorganic-organic interface. 3 grants: Planning and Dissemination Conference Grant (CIHR), Air Force Office of Scientific Research (USA) and NIH (NIAMS and NIDCR, USA)

S. Komarova and D. Reinhardt Osteoclast regulation by fibrillin: Mechanisms and therapeutic implications. CIHR operating grant

RSBO Student Stipend


Marco Laurenti (F. Tamimi) Polymer nanoparticles as vehicle for targeted bone drug delivery

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