Congratulations to all the award recipients of the 2013 White Coat Ceremony!

Published: 30 September 2013

12th Annual White Coat Ceremony & Award Evenining
Class of 2015 - September 12th, 2013


DMD 2016  Kevin Hong, Hyun A Kim, Stephen Wong
DMD 2015  Emily Baker, Anne Beaudin, Michelle Diamond, Ahmad Mansouri, Lisa Zhang
DMD 2014  Navdeep Asi, Sina Hashemi, Erica Kader, Sarah Liu, Mohamed Youssef

Michael Bybelezer DMD 2017

Ping Kwan Lau Scholarship

Erica Abbey DMD 2016

Dr. Yu-Ming Lam Scholarship

Jasmine Wright DMD 2015

Dr. Harry Rosen Entrance Scholarship

Tobias Meiszinger DMD 2014

Phyllis Butterworth Major Entrance Scholarship

Tobias Meiszinger and Gabrielle Lemay

Dr. Leanore K. Feine Prize

Hyun A Kim DMD 2016

Dr. Morton and Dr. Jonathan Lang Prize in Dentistry

Michelle Diamond DMD 2015

Dr. M. Donigan Prize

Ahmad Mansouri DMD 2015

Dr. Howard S. Katz Scholarship in Dentistry
Dr. D.P. Mowry Prize
Dr. K.I. Melville Prize

Lisa Zhang DMD 2015

Dr. D.P. Mowry Prize
Dr. K.I. Melville Prize
Dr. Janet Griffin-Merth Scholarship in Dentistry

Xiao Chun Li DMD 2015

Dr. Maxwell and Betty l. Goldenberg Prize

Christopher Godbout DMD 2015

Dr. I.K. Lowry Prize

Anne Beaudin DMD 2015

Dr. W.C. Bushell Prize

Anne Beaudin & Emily Baker

Dr. Earl Lerner Faculty Scholarship

Mohamed Youssef DMD 2014

Dr. Gerald Franklin Prize
Dr. Philip J. and Mrs. Stella Gitnick Prize
Rena and Mervyn Gornitsky Scholarship

Erica Kader DMD 2014

Dr. Lyman E. Francis Prize

Jessica Bruce DMD 2014

Dr. James E.G. Harrison Scholarship in Dentistry

Scott Kirby DMD 2014

Dr. Ernest R. Ambrose Scholarship in Dentistry

Sarah Liu DMD 2014

International College of Dentists Prize
Dr. L.A. Cohn Prize

Sina Hashemi DMD 2014

Dr. Harry Rosen Scholarship in Dentistry

Navdeep Asi DMD 2014

Dr. William Boroff Scholarship in Dentistry


Kaushar Jahan MSc Candidate
Dimitra Athanasiadou MSc Candidate
André Charbonneau MSc Candidate
Vamseedhar Myneni PhD Candidate
Akhil Soman Thekke Purakkal PhD Candidate
Iris Boraschi-Diaz PhD Candidate

McGill University Faculty of Dentistry Internal Studentships

Sreenath Arekunnath Madathil MSc Candidate

Dr. Lyon Bercovitch Memorial Award
Dr. E.T. & Mrs. Marjorie Bourke Award

Akhil Soman Thekke Purakkal PhD Candidate

Dr. and Mrs. I.N. Pesner Memorial Prize

Juliana Marulanda PhD Candidate

Dr. Wah Leung Fellowship

Shuai Wang PhD Candidate

Dr. James P. Lund Fellowship in Dentistry


Dr. Frances Power

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