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Published: 5Jul2010

DEVEX - International Development Premium Job Board and more

  • Career Advice - Devex maintains an important connection with hundreds of development organizations who use to seek qualified candidates for their respective job vacancies.  We conduct interviews with development recruiters that focus on questions key to finding the right international development job for you.
  • Devex Personal Webpage - Membership increases your professional visibility, and the Devex personal webpage allows you to better market your skills and qualifications online.  You can include your URL in your resume, and this would allow prospective employers to browse your professional biography and download relevant documents such as your CV, cover letter, web links, and other relevant publications.
  • Networking Feature - We encourage you to expand your professional network through our online networking feature.  You can invite and send messages to friends, colleagues and potential contacts who can assist you in advancing your career in international development.  Not only could you gain information about the field, the people you contact may also lead you to various opportunities
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