CaPS Acquisitions Update - October


Published: 1Oct2010

Acquisitions Update - October

Check out our new career books and resources to help you to plan and get your dream career.

Brown Student Services Building (room 2200)

New Magazines and Serials

  • Career Insider - Accounting (2010-2011)
  • Career Options (Fall/Winter 2010)
  • Corporate Knights: A magazine for clean capitalism.
  • Jobpostings (Fall 2010): Regular Edition, Grad School Planning Guide Edition, Disability Edition.
  • Fuel inc. - Careers Uncensored: Written for people looking for media jobs in Canada.
  • Qui fait quoi: Répertoire québécois des entreprises culturelles.
  • University Affairs: A magazine for and about Canada’s university community.
  • Verge: Opportunities to study, work and volunteer abroad.

Online Magazines and Serials

Accessible via myFuture (View Career Resources):

  • Canada Employment Weekly: Weekly job opportunities from across Canada.
  • Current Jobs in Liberal Arts: An entry-level careers employment bulletin published twice per month.
  • International Career Employment Weekly: Weekly comprehensive source of information on international career positions.
  • The International Educator: Job Postings, two-monthly publication.

Labour Market Information / Online Employer Directories and International Opportunities

  • Perspectives on Labour and Income - Autumn 2010
  • Labour Market Information: CAPSScoop (October Issue)
  • Going Global (require VPN): Worldwide job and internship listings, employer profiles, and country-specific career information.
  • Big Guide (require VPN): A comprehensive interactive web site that helps students and young professionals build global career skills.


Career Description

  • Great Jobs for Business Majors
  • Great Jobs for Criminal Justice Majors
  • Great Jobs for Environmental Studies Majors
  • Great Jobs for History Majors
  • Occupational Outlook Handbook 2010-2011

Employer Directory

  • Contact Toronto 10/11: Directory of Executive Decision Makers in the Toronto Region
  • Agroalimentaire au Québec 2010-2012
  • Économie et affaires au Québec 2010-2011
  • Loisir et sport au Québec 2009-2011
  • Services et expertise-conseil au Québec 2010-2011
  • Transport et transporteurs au Québec 2009-1010
  • Private Secondary Schools
  • WetFeet Insider Guide: 25 Top Financial Services Firms

Job Search and Interviews

  • Career Focus Canada: A Personal Job Search Guide
  • WetFeet Insider Guide: Ace Your Case: Consulting Interviews
  • WetFeet Insider Guide: Ace Your Case II: Mastering the Case Interview
  • WetFeet Insider Guide: Ace Your Case III: Market-Sizing Questions
  • WetFeet Insider Guide: Ace Your Case IV: Business Strategy Questions
  • WetFeet Insider Guide: Ace Your Case V: Business Operations Questions
  • WetFeet Insider Guide: Beat the Street: Investment Banking Interviews
  • WetFeet Insider Guide: Beat the Street II: I-Banking Interview Practice Guide
  • WetFeet Insider Guide: Careers in Accounting
  • WetFeet Insider Guide: Careers in Marketing
  • WetFeet Insider Guide: Industries and Careers for Engineers
  • WetFeet Insider Guide: Industries and Careers for MBAs
  • WetFeet Insider Guide: Killer Consulting Resumes!
  • WetFeet Insider Guide: Killer Investment Banking Resumes!

Search our book catalogue and website directory for more career resources, covering graduate school, networking, occupational descriptions, employer directories, self-improvement, and everything in between.

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