CaPS Acquisitions Update (November 2010)


Published: 1Nov2010

CaPS Acquisitions Update - November

Check out our new career books and resources to help you to plan and get your dream career.

Brown Student Services Building (room 2200)


McGill CaPS - Grad Info Session 2010

  • Is Grad School Right for You? [DVD]
  • Thinking about Grad School? [DVD]
  • Sneak Peak into Grad School: What to Expect [DVD]


Career Descriptions

  • Careers in Counseling and Psychology for Masters Level Graduates: A Guide to Choosing the Right Career Path
  • Field Guides to Finding a New Career: Advertising, Sales, and Marketing
  • Field Guides to Finding a New Career: Education
  • Field Guides to Finding a New Career: Health Care
  • Guide to America's Federal Jobs: A Complete Directory of U.S. Government Career Opportunities
  • So You Want to Be a Physician Assistant: Your Guide to a New Career

Studies Abroad and Others

  • IIEPassport: Study Abroad in Africa and the Middle East 2010
  • IIEPassport: Study Abroad in Americas 2010
  • IIEPassport: Study Abroad in Asia and Oceania 2010
  • IIEPassport: Study Abroad in Europe 2010
  • 45 Law School Recommendation Letters That Made a Difference

Centennial Centre, Macdonald Campus

  • 150 Best Jobs for a Better World
  • Career opportunities in the Food and Beverage Industry
  • Global Citizen, (The): A Guide to Creating an International Life and Career
  • How to Land a Top-Paying Farmers, Ranchers, and Agricultural managers Job
  • How to Land a Top-Paying Food Service Managers Job
  • Volunteer: A Traveller's Guide to Making a Difference Around the World

New Magazines and Serials

  • Corporate Knights: A magazine for clean capitalism.
  • Jobpostings - Regular Edition
  • Jobpostings - Career Planning Guide
  • Qui fait quoi: Répertoire québécois des entreprises culturelles.
  • University Affairs: A magazine for and about Canada’s university community.

Online Magazines and Serials

Accessible via myFuture (View Career Resources):

  • Canada Employment Weekly: Weekly job opportunities from across Canada.
  • Current Jobs in Liberal Arts: An entry-level careers employment bulletin published twice per month.
  • Devex: International development premium job board and more.
  • International Career Employment Weekly: Weekly comprehensive source of information on international career positions.
  • The International Educator: Newspaper and Job Postings, two-monthly publication.

Labour Market Information / Online Employer Directories and International Opportunities

  • Perspectives on Labour and Income - Autumn 2010
  • Labour Market Information: CAPSScoop (November Issue)
  • Going Global (require VPN): Worldwide job and internship listings, employer profiles, and country-specific career information.
  • Big Guide (require VPN): A comprehensive interactive web site that helps students and young professionals build global career skills.

Search our book catalogue and website directory for more career resources, covering graduate school, networking, occupational descriptions, employer directories, self-improvement, and everything in between.

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