Bike Patrol


Security Services is pleased to announce that security agents will now patrol the campus on bicycle as part of our effort to increase the service and visibility we render to the University community. Beginning July 1st, members of the McGill community’s downtown campus will see specially uniformed and equipped security agents riding marked Security Services bicycles.

Four of our security agents have received special training from the Service de police de la Ville de Montréal on bicycle patrol techniques, and Security Services has purchased two bicycles for the purpose. When on duty during day and evening shifts and with weather permitting, these four agents will patrol on bicycle instead of using one of our motor vehicles. For safety reasons, there will be no overnight patrols on bicycle, nor during inclement weather.

Our bike patrollers have been trained to use their bicycles in various situations and emergencies. They have also been trained to take them everywhere when responding to a call, so do not be surprised to find a security agent and his/her bicycle on the floor of your building.

Together with our hybrid vehicle purchased earlier this year, Security Services strives to contribute to a more environmentally sustainable McGill.