BIC Team Releases First High-Resolution Open-Access Dataset of Hippocampal Subfields


Published: 11Nov2015

The hippocampus has been a focus of neuroscience research for decades for its role in cognitive processes, as well as being a hallmark of prevalent neurological and psychiatric conditions, such as epilepsy, Alzheimer’s disease, depression, and schizophrenia. Identification of hippocampal subregions in vivo is thus essential for precise localization of function and pathology. 

In a paper published in Scientific Data, a team of BIC investigators led by Dr. Neda Bernasconi describes the first open-access dataset containing hippocampal subfield labels and associated high-resolution MRI data acquired at 3Tesla in 25 healthy subjects - the MNI-HiSUB25 atlas. The dataset is complemented with probabilistic anatomical maps of hippocampal subregions that can be used to inform standard functional and structural MRI analyses.

The datasets can be used to develop new protocols, validate existing ones, and design automated algorithms relevant for basic as well as clinical neuroscience.

The complete dataset is openly available on NITRC and DataDRYAD.