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Beaverbrook Foundation and High School Outreach Program renew partnership


Published: 8 Dec 2010

The Faculty of Law is pleased and grateful to announce that, for a second consecutive year, the Beaverbrook Canadian Foundation is supporting its High School Outreach Program, an innovative program where law students help high school students succeed.

On November 30, 2010, Hugh Cowans, Secretary and Treasury of the Foundation confirmed to Ali Martin-Mayer, Assistant Dean (Admissions & Recruitment) who oversees the Program, a gift of $22,500 that will be used to fund current and new outreach initiatives.

In 2009-2010, this collaboration allowed the Program to develop new projects and deepen its reach. Chief among its accomplishments: over 70 law students and 300 high school students engaged in meaningful and interactive workshops and discussions about law and higher education.

Margo Somerville, law professor and a director of the Foundation, said, "The President and directors of the Beaverbrook Canadian Foundation were most impressed with the report of the achievements in 2009-10 of the High School Outreach Program and enthusiastically endorsed funding it for another year."

"They noted that the program's goal to help young people - especially those who might be under-privileged - have access to tertiary education and its strategy of having law students provide this assistance, fit precisely with the Foundation's own goals of supporting and encouraging leadership among the next generation."

For more information on the High School Outreach Program, please visit http://www.mcgill.ca/law-studies/volunteering/outreach/.

PHOTO: six highschoolers who participated in a one-day workshop event at McGill Law. Credit: Ali Martin-Mayer.

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