April 22: Earth Day

Published: 16 April 2015


Wayne Pollard

Will be in the Arctic, at the McGill station on Axel Heiberg Island and will be available via email
Professor, Department of Geography
Wayne.pollard [at] mcgill.ca
English Only

Elena Bennett

Assistant Professor, Department of Natural Resource Sciences and McGill School of Environment
Research interest: How ecosystem services interact and how to manage landscapes to provide multiple services.
elena.bennett [at] mcgill.ca
English Only

Francois Miller

Sustainability Manager, McGill Office of Sustainability (MOOS)
Available to comment on the importance of Earth Day and the role of universities in promoting sustainability.
For Interview Contact:
Julia Solomon
Senior Communications Officer, McGill Office of Sustainability (MOOS)
French & English

Shaun Lovejoy

Professor, Department of Physics
Recently published papers on the "pause" in the warming and how the Martian atmosphere can help us to understand the earth's atmosphere.
French & English
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